Using Raspberry Camera Module with piCore

Looking for a reliable wifi webcam system with motion detection, I’ve tried the caption software over the raspbian with a wifi dongle.
It worked great, but after several days, the wifi connexion were always lost.
With the SqueezeBerry, I’ve got a better experience with and RPI and Wifi using piCore distribution.
Picore is a tinyCore optimized for raspberry.
Here you have the raspberry camera activation procedure for piCore :

1. Get picore. I’ve used the version 5.3.1

2. Add to your /boot/config.txt file :

# optionally:

3. Connect your raspberry Camera

4. install the rpi-videocore with tce
tce-load -wi rpi-videocore.tcz

5. Open the /opt/ file and add this line
chmod 777 /dev/vchiq

6. make a backup and reboot -b

7. take a picture
raspistill -w 1024 -h 700 -o out.jpg

You should see something like this :